Common Misconceptions About the Flu Vaccine

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August 6, 2018
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Each year as flu season approaches, many stay on the fence about receiving the flu vaccine. Here are some common misconceptions about flu vaccines that will hopefully help you make the best decision this year in regards to staying free of the flu.

  1. “If I get the vaccine, I am 100% safe from getting sick.” The flu vaccine is great in terms of preventing the flu, but it doesn’t guarantee you will not contract it. Therefore, it is best to keep your guard up during flu season by maintaining a hygiene routine and staying away from others who are sick. Don’t forget to wash your hands throughout the day also, especially before eating.
  2. “If I get the vaccine, I will automatically get the flu.” This is simply a myth that has spread over time. While it is possible to receive flu-like symptoms after getting the vaccine, this is likely just a coincidence.
  3. “It’s too late for me to get the vaccine.” While it is recommended to receive it in October or November, it’s never too late to get the vaccine in January or February, as it is possible for flu season to carry on until spring.